10 Ways to Save Money on Clothes

You can save a lot of money on clothes ans still have pretty and functional clothes. For many people clothes are more important than food and they spend fortunes on clothes. There is nothing wrong if you can afford it but very often people spend so much on clothes that it becomes simply ridiculous. Spending tons of money on clothes does not mean that you will be well-dressed. What is more, you could be much better dressed if you don’t spend that much on clothes but you pick up them more carefully instead.

Here are some tips to help you save money on clothes without having to make sacrifices with the way you look:

Shop at sales.

Sales are a great way to get quality stuff at discounted prices. You can get many off-season clothes at half their price, which is certainly a bargain. Many department stores and smaller stores have regular sales, so you just need to watch out.

Shop in bulk.

Shopping in bulk is another way to get quality clothes at discounted prices. When you decide to go shopping for clothes, get more even if you don’t need them right away. You can get 2-3 pairs for you or for your partner, kids, parents, etc. and each piece will cost much less than when you buy them separately.

Shop at thrift stores.

Thrift stores are a heaven for people who want to save money on clothes. Thrift stores also offer clothes of good quality at lower prices, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Don’t wear your official clothes at home.

When you wear your official clothes at home, this will damage them faster. That’s why, right after you get home, change your clothes to your home garments.

Get durable fabrics.

Cheap is expensive and clothes are not an exception. When you get clothes made of more expensive, but durable fabrics, they will survive longer even if you wash them frequently and you won’t have to shop for new clothes soon.

Shop with coupons.

Coupons are another way to get discounts on clothes. Many department stores or chains offer coupons in the newspapers, so get these coupons and use them.

Sew your clothes.

Maybe this is one of the greatest savers in terms of money. It is not only cheaper when you sew your clothes but you will get what you want not what you can find. A sewing machine is an investment but it will payoff quickly, especially if you have a large family.

Reuse the non-damaged item in a pair.

Many pieces of the items we wear come in pairs. For instance, ear-rings or socks come in pairs and usually only one item in the pair is damaged/lost. If you get 10 or more pairs of the same socks, when one of the socks tears, you will have many more left to pair it with. When you lose one ear-ring, you can put the other in a necklace or a chain. Unfortunately, this is not applicable to shoes, though.

Avoid designer clothes.

Designer clothes and clothes from famous brands are not necessarily of higher quality but they do cost many times more than generic clothes. Therefore, avoid designer clothes and this alone can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Get dual purpose clothes.

Getting clothes, which will be used only on one occasion is lavish. For instance, wedding dress (usually) can’t be reused but you can buy suits, dresses, costumes, etc., which are multipurpose and can be used many times. The ideas how to save on clothes are many and your creativity is the limit. Clothes are durables, so if you shop wisely, you can save a lot and be well-dressed.