Build a Strong Relationship Fast with These 3 Phone Skills

Maybe you just meant a new girlfriend, boyfriend, or client and you really want to build a relationship with them. To add another want that makes you more demanding, you want to do it fast! That’s alright. It can be done. You can successfully build a strong relationship fast over the phone using a set of skills.

Like any communication skill, there are tips you can follow to speed up the relationship building process. Learning these three phone skills is a sure fire way to build a strong relationship fast and have your new acquaintance loving you. Here are the three tips on phone skills you can use next time you are on the phone. Just be careful you do not find these tips so powerful you avoid seeing people altogether! The telephone is a different medium to traditional face-to-face communication. What does this mean to you? Rules change and tips can be adapted to help you build your relationship.

“Our names are a sweet tune of music to our ears. It is a fast way to build a relationship.”

The first tip I recommend you whack into your new phone skills bag of tricks is mentioning their name more often. Our names are a sweet tune of music to our ears. It is a fast way to build a relationship. In everyday conversations if you mention someone’s name too often then you come off as a try hard, needy, and desperate – much like a poor-old salesman. You can get away with mentioning their name more using it to build the relationship because the phone is a different medium. The person will subliminally fall in love with you.

Another difference you can take advantage of to enhance your relationships is countering for the inability to communicate body language. Our non-verbal communication is a strong broadcast tower we send signals from to help others understand us. Without the visual option to see your partner, your and their inability to read body language when the other person is talking over the phone can hurt understanding and connection. You can improve your phone skills despite lacking the connection built through body language by communicating extra energy.

Communication experts estimate varying your voice expressions an extra 30%. If you are happy the person did something well, put an extra 30% of energy in your voice when saying “That is awesome. Congratulations.” or with “I’m happy you succeeded.” If you are sad, then lose 30% of energy in your voice. The change of energy communicated through your vocalics will build a connection with your partner, improve understanding, and the person will have a feeling of being next to you which all enhances your relationship fast. The last phone skill I recommend you learn is to develop a mood match.

This tip relates to the previous two tips:

  1. mentioning their name more and
  2. adding extra energy through your voice as it builds connection.

It works because like attracts like. There is no doubt about. It is a branch of the law of attraction where us humans attract and are attracted to what is similar to us. Mood is one of many communication factors of the other person you can match. Mood matching is a great way to build a relationship fast.

When all three tips on building a relationship fast and strong are combined, you have the phone skills to build relationship over long distances quick! You can apply these skills to a newly met boyfriend, girlfriend, and client or even on your long term relationships to continue building them and improving your life. The telephone can lack intimacy, but when you apply these skills you can have your relationship roaring with a fast and strong fire of intimate connection.