Fastest Car – Ferrari F599 Fiorano

It seemed that Ferrari F599 GTB would be peacefully retired. The car was released only 4 years ago, made its contribution into the common business of Ferrari prosperity and became a part of the automobile history already. And suddenly Italians decided to create if not descendent of Ferrari Enzo, but even the fastest Ferrari of nowadays.

If to compare it with Ferrari F599 Fiorano, the new supercar grew thin significantly. Thanking to usage of aluminum and carbon in the construction, the car succeeded to loose 185,2 lbs (235 st). Due to a new bumper, sills, a bonnet, a back spoiler and a diffuser the tracking force was increased and meanwhile the coefficient of dynamic resistance staid the same. New body components increased the car’s length for 1,7 in (15,4 ft) and the height was diminished to 4.33 ft (-0,4 in) thanking to readjusted suspension.

But we wonder why they chose the aged 599th model? The famous firm arsenal has a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia that could be slightly tuned and turned into the real leader among all competitors without any exceptions. But the Italians decided to modernize the Ferrari F599 Fiorano. Moreover they did not need to invest much money and burn much energy. The basis was a racing Ferrari 599XX to which some luster and nobility were added. In such a way a Ferrari 599 GTO came into the world. As opposed to its progenitors, F599 Fiorano and 599XX, the new supercar contains two strong advantages. Firstly it is more powerful and faster than F599 Fiorano and secondly unlike 599XX, it can be used on the public roads. So, a sportsman-professional with a quite worldly nature was created.

“Home” premier of Ferrari 599 GTO will take place on the 14th of April in the motherland of the Italian supercar construction – Modena and the car’s world release will take place on the 23rd of April in the automobile show in Beijing. The exact Ferrari 599 GTO price is currently unknown, but in accordance with unconfirmed information, the car will have 270 000 Euro price in Europe. There will be 599 cars released and the orders will be started taking in May already.

A borrowed in Ferrari 599 XX 10.5 pt 12-cyllinder engine was derated from 700 to 670 hp (620 Nm) that is larger than in Ferrari F599 Fiorano (620 hp, 608 Nm). Six-stepped transfer gear-box F1 Superfast aggregates with the engine. A distinctive feature of the gear-box is its switching period – 60 ms and it is the quickest “robot” in the world. Carbo-ceramic brakes were added to the car and due to this fact the breaking distance with 100 km/h was diminished to 32.5 m. Acceleration to the first 100 km/h is 3.35 sec and the maximum speed – 335 km/h. If to compare, Ferrari F599 reached first 100 km/h for 3.7 sec and speed up to 328 km/h. The Italians emphasize especially that the engine in Ferrari 599 GTO apart from its impressive characteristics, differs with quite good (measuring among supercars) ecological compatibility and corresponds to norms of Euro-5. The average fuel consumption makes up 30.7 pt and CO2 emission does not exceed 0.9 p/0.6 mi.